GU Energy | The Science Behind The Worlds Best Energy Gel since 1991

Through constant scientific development of GU Energy Gels since their launch in America in 1991, GU Energy Gels are the most efficient source of premium fuel available on the market for athletes worldwide. If you have tried other gels, you will appreciate that GU Energy Gels have been developed to deliver high-quality energy and electrolytes without upsetting your stomach whilst you exercise. GU Gels feed in energy to replenish your muscles glycogen stores and mitigate the effects that lactic acid build up has on your energy levels. There’s a lot going on in every packet of GU and it’s all designed to help you hit your personal best in whatever sport you are pushing yourself in.

Maltodextrin & Fructose – A Blend for success

Depending on which flavour you choose, GU Gels consist of 70-80% Maltodextrin and 20-30% Fructose. As a complex carbohydrate, Maltodextrin is digested quickly and easily by the body which means your body doesn’t have to divert too much blood to your stomach to digest the GU and your muscles are not deprived of oxygenating blood when they most need it. In this way, Maltodextrin is far better than sugar or honey for example which are less easily digested and produce a sugar “high” which you need to avoid whilst exercising. After your exercise, eating a GU will help replenish your muscles glycogen stores. The Fructose is present in GU Gels because it is digested even quicker than Maltodextrin and provides fast energy to your body without creating a sugar “spike”, it also sweetens the GU Gels but not so much that they taste sickly like some other gels on the market.

GU Gels Amino Acid Blend

Over the last 20 years, the scientists at GU have developed, tweaked and perfected a secret and unique blend of amino acids which help to combat muscle fatigue and make sure the carbohydrates in each gel packet are converted into energy and keep you focused on achieving the best times you can.


An integral part of GU Energy Gels amino acid blend, Histidine helps reduce “the burn” you feel when you stress your muscles during intense exercise. In a nutshell, it helps to keep your muscles pushing hard for longer and improves the muscles recovery rate because less burn means less damage.

Citrates (Potassium Citrate, Sodium Citrate and Citric Acid)

GU Gel’s formula includes citrates to help your body create energy molecules which are used by the muscles to power you on your way to your personal best. The easier GU Gels makes it to produce these molecules, the faster you can go!

Branched Chain Amino Acids (Leucine, Valine and Isoleucine)

BCAAs are a pretty important ingredient in every GU Energy Gel. They are used as fuel by your body when you’re exercising hard, they help in the conversion of protein to fuel and they also slow down your body breaking down its own muscle to use as fuel. There is also research which shows that BCAAs help you stay more alert and focused by suppressing feeling of fatigue and sleepiness.

Calcium and Caffeine to improve your performance

The Calcium added to each GU Gel packet replaces Calcium lost during exercise and there is some research linking muscle fatigue with calcium loss; GU Gels keep you topped up. The Caffeine in GU Energy Gels acts as a stimulant for exercise and helps your body burn fat to provide fuel as you go. The only non-caffeinated GU Gels are Lemon Sublime and Strawberry Banana, apart from those, the other GU Gels have 20mg of Caffeine in them or, in the case of Espresso Love and Jet Blackberry, 40mg of Caffeine which gives you that extra kick just when you need it.

GU Antioxidant Blend – Muscle Protection

As you work out hard your muscles are under stress and the tissue can get damaged. GU Gels Antioxidant Blend of Vitamin C and Vitamin E help to provide a defence system against free radical damage to the tissue caused when there is an increase of oxygen to the muscles as you work out.

GU Herbal Blend – Naturally Soothing

Last but by no means least, the blend of chamomile and ginger in each GU Gels packet soothe your stomach whilst it digests the GU. For some people, the secret GU Herbal Blend is the reason they can only eat GU on the run – nothing else digests as easily!

Every ingredient in every GU Gel packet is there for a reason – to help you achieve your performance goals faster and with minimal stress on your body – it is as simple as that.

GU Energy Gels | The Legend of GU

GU Energy Gels are America’s most popular energy gel and have been since 1991. With around 60% of the US market, the range is constantly being developed and improved to stay ahead of the pack. GU Energy Gel is used by many of the World’s leading athletes, triathletes and even a few national football teams use it to fuel their 90 minutes including the amazing Brazilian team and the Greeks. There’s no doubt…GU Energy Gel works!

GU Gels keep your body fueled during exercise and are formulated to be easily digestable whilst you exert yourself in whatever sport you choose to push yourself in. Having launched our business in the UK in 2010, we are confident that GU Energy will grow to be the energy gel of choice for athletes and weekend warriors in the UK too! We have made the gels available in singles so, if you haven’t tried the gels before, you can try out all the flavours and see which ones you prefer.

“Stateside” attention to detail

GU is manufactured in sunny California where meticulous attention to detail is lavished on each and every GU Gel packet. Only the highest quality ingredients are used and the recipe (as secret as Coke Cola!) is followed to the letter to ensure that the mix in each GU Gel packet is perfect – every time. Final checks on texture, taste and acidity levels are made on each batch of GU before it is packaged and sealed for your enjoyment. Being fanatical about consistent quality means you are assured of perfection and only the finest quality energy when you need it most.

No substitutes!

In an industry which is lightly regulated, some supplement manufacturers sub-contract the manufacture of their products to third parties. GU are committed to keeping 100% control on the production process and the sourcing of the ingredients for GU Energy Gels so they can guarantee both consistency and that their gels are free from contamination by foreign products.

Give them a try

Whether you have never tried taking on energy during your exercise or you have tried other energy gels in the past, we have made it cheap and easy for you to try GU Energy Gels for the first time. Why not start with one of each flavour to see why GU Energy Gels are the most popular energy gels in America? If you’ve tried the other gels on the market in the UK, we are pretty confident you will see why GU Energy Gels are considered to be the premium energy gel. We think you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

GU Energy Gel UK | Frequent Questions

How should I eat GU Gels?

Quite simply, you rip off the top of the GU Gel and squeeze it into your mouth like you would a tube of toothpaste. Some people squeeze a gel into a water bottle and mix it up with water but we think it’s better taken as a gel for maximum effect!

How many gels should I use whilst I’m exercising?

We recommend that you have a GU Gel every 45 minutes if you have a slow metabolism or every 30 minutes if you burn calories faster. If you have too many, your blood will be diverted to your stomach to aid digestion and you will slow down.

Why do most of the GU Gels contain Caffeine?

The Caffeine in GU Gels help improve your performance firstly by “waking” you up and it then goes on to help the body output more power with less pain and may increase the amount of fat you use during your exercise. Caffeine helps you train harder for longer, that’s why it is added it to most of the GU gels. If you are looking for a non-caffeinated gel, try Lemon Sublime or Strawberry Banana.

Can GU Gels be used to help recovery after exercise?

Absolutely! If you eat a GU when you stop, it will help your body start to restore the glycogen in your muscles which you need for “instant fuel”

How long after I eat a GU does it kick in?

You will usually feel the effects within minutes. The Fructose within the GU Gel is available for use by the muscles first then the Maltodextrin kicks in several minutes after the Fructose to ensure a steady stream of energy to your muscles. GU Gels are designed not to give you a huge spike of energy so that you also avoid a huge crash shortly afterwards!

Can GU Gels be used for less strenuous exercise?

Without a doubt! If you are needing a quick 100 calorie “pick me up” (combined with a shot of Caffeine in all but the Strawberry and Lemon gels) to get you through a less intensive workout, GU is just the ticket!

Can children use GU too?

Of course! It will help them play longer and keep up their energy levels. You might want to keep them to the non-caffeinated gels (Lemon and Strawberry/Banana) though to make sure they don’t get too over exuberant!