GU Energy Gel UK | Frequent Questions

How should I eat GU Gels?

Quite simply, you rip off the top of the GU Gel and squeeze it into your mouth like you would a tube of toothpaste. Some people squeeze a gel into a water bottle and mix it up with water but we think it’s better taken as a gel for maximum effect!

How many gels should I use whilst I’m exercising?

We recommend that you have a GU Gel every 45 minutes if you have a slow metabolism or every 30 minutes if you burn calories faster. If you have too many, your blood will be diverted to your stomach to aid digestion and you will slow down.

Why do most of the GU Gels contain Caffeine?

The Caffeine in GU Gels help improve your performance firstly by “waking” you up and it then goes on to help the body output more power with less pain and may increase the amount of fat you use during your exercise. Caffeine helps you train harder for longer, that’s why it is added it to most of the GU gels. If you are looking for a non-caffeinated gel, try Lemon Sublime or Strawberry Banana.

Can GU Gels be used to help recovery after exercise?

Absolutely! If you eat a GU when you stop, it will help your body start to restore the glycogen in your muscles which you need for “instant fuel”

How long after I eat a GU does it kick in?

You will usually feel the effects within minutes. The Fructose within the GU Gel is available for use by the muscles first then the Maltodextrin kicks in several minutes after the Fructose to ensure a steady stream of energy to your muscles. GU Gels are designed not to give you a huge spike of energy so that you also avoid a huge crash shortly afterwards!

Can GU Gels be used for less strenuous exercise?

Without a doubt! If you are needing a quick 100 calorie “pick me up” (combined with a shot of Caffeine in all but the Strawberry and Lemon gels) to get you through a less intensive workout, GU is just the ticket!

Can children use GU too?

Of course! It will help them play longer and keep up their energy levels. You might want to keep them to the non-caffeinated gels (Lemon and Strawberry/Banana) though to make sure they don’t get too over exuberant!